Hammam Bienestar Ancestral2020-12-03T13:11:24+00:00

The hammam, a therapy inspired by Roman and Ottoman baths, fully conceived around a key element of hygiene and purification: the water.

The hammam experience changes for always the meaning of the real rest, its temperature and vapour bath make your session a pleasant moment of relaxation.

We invite you to enjoy this experience and let yourself be carried away by the oldest Ritual of physical and mental healing.

At “Spa Hammam Bienestar Ancestral” we were inspired by the traditional baths, creating a unique space for your wellbeing and beauty in Alicante.

We preserved the essence of hammam, its design and its purpose to offer you the most authentic experience of renovation.

We took care of each detail to make your session an unforgettable moment, made with exquisite and personalized attention.

To care about your health and beauty, we offer you an exclusive menu of body and facial treatments and we invite you to discover it. Don’t hesitate to ask us, we’re always at your disposal to help you and personalize your session.

The Hammam magic is waiting for you. Come in and lose track of time, live each moment to connect with yourself, alone or in good company, choose your Ritual and enjoy it in a private session.