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Immerse yourself in a universe of sensuality and emotions and let your facial beauty session become a space of well-being for body and spirit!

At Spa Hammam Bienestar Ancestral, we have joined the house “Sothys” and its philosophy by offering personalised beauty treatments for our clients in the cabin and some high-quality cosmetic lines for daily care at home in our boutique.

At Sothys, nature has always been a source of inspiration, its name is synonymous with French excellence.

Let yourself be tempted by our beauty treatments, combine your session with a previous hammam ceremony to enhance its effects and enjoy an unforgettable moment of body and mind relaxation.

Sothys, an innovative and environmentally friendly house.

A highly specialized brand, the House of Sothys has distinguished itself since its creation in the 40s by an extraordinary commitment to research and innovation, positioning itself as a recognized expert in avant-garde aesthetics, developing its cosmetics around respect for nature and the environment.

Sothys has created the Digi-Esthétique, an exclusive method of massage that, together with the essential experience of the beauticians, transforms the institute treatment into an unforgettable sensory experience.


    52.00 VAT Included


    52.00 VAT Included
    Sothys Organics certified organic treatment

    Duration: 40 minutes.

    In the heart of Corrèze (France), and thanks to its Advanced Research Laboratory, Sothys has created the Sothys Organics line, the perfect alchemy between organic treatment and high efficiency.

    An exquisite 40-minute cabin treatment to treat the skin and restore luminosity and deep hydration, certified as 100% vegan and organic, this treatment envelops the skin and the senses with its fresh aniseed fragrances, birch sap, hawthorn floral water and honeysuckle oily extract.

    With this innovative and avant-garde treatment, Sothys pursues its idea of responsible beauty, respectful with the skin and the environment.

    60.00 VAT Included


    60.00 VAT Included
    Duration: 45 minutes.

    A treatment specifically studied for the eye area, dark circles, bags, and wrinkles. Immediately attenuates the signs of fatigue and aging and provides a sensation of intense freshness thanks to exclusive Sothys massage porcelains (Limoges’ porcelain spoons). From the first session, an immediate straightening effect, brighter eye contour, rested look.

    Multiplied results after 3 treatments.

    75.00 VAT Included


    75.00 VAT Included
    Duration: 50 minutes.

    A complete treatment for face, neck and décolleté to restore radiance to the skin, free it from oxidizing elements and reveal its radiance in every season.

    A true injection of oxygen associated with a cocktail of minerals to boost the skin's defences before winter and a cocktail of vitamins to revitalize the skin for the arrival of good weather.

    Discover a new treatment with new base ingredients at each season that maintains periodic and highly pleasurable care of your skin in expert hands, trained in Sothys protocols for a global moment of well-being.

    90.00 VAT Included


    90.00 VAT Included
    Duration: 75 minutes.

    The latest generation of Sothys facial beauty treatments, the intensive Jeunesse treatment developed from biological ingredients with proven efficacy prolongs youth and makes you celebrate your birthday without revealing your real age.

    Saffron, sophora and peptides at the service of firmer, more luminous, and visibly younger skin!

    Through 5 key steps and no less than 8 specific formulas, feel the Sothys’ effectiveness associated with 1h 15min of relaxation in expert hands for radiant skin and a state of deep well-being.

    90.00 VAT Included
    Duration: 75 minutes.

    An exceptional intensive treatment to give the skin a break and help it defend itself in any circumstances against the negative effects of environmental stress that can accelerate skin aging.

    The wisdom of the Sothys house at the service of your skin and a world of subtle and elegant aromas (floral notes and musk) that will lead you to complete relaxation.

    At the heart of the treatment is an exclusive trio of active ingredients: Elderberry, Siberian Ginseng and Peptides.

    The skin is recharged with energy and the skin is luminous as well as detoxified and more resistant to pollution.

    This treatment is indicated for all skin types, ideal for smokers and for those who suffer from fatigue and continuous stress.

    Multiplied results after 3 treatments.


The client has to:

  • Pay in advance the total price of the treatment (s).
  • Come to the appointment 10 minutes in advance.
  • Bring a swimsuit, a toilet bag and clean flip flops to enjoy any hammam treatment.
  • Add a kessa mitt to any hammam treatment including exfoliation.
  • In the case of not showing up for a confirmed appointment, and not contacting the Spa reception in advance (8 hours minimum) to justify the inability to make it on scheduled time, the user/customer loses the value of the booked session.
    This rule also applies to gift card holders.


  • The online bought treatments have a validity of 6 months from the date of purchase. Please call to the reception of the Spa within this period to get an appointment.
  • The online bought gift cards have a validity of 6 months from the date of purchase. Once the client received the gift, please call the reception of the Spa within the period of the gift card to get an appointment.